cropped-enso-icon-kyselo2.pngOur group investigates the interrelation of prereflective bodily processes, social interaction and the sense of self. We combine methods from different disciplines to shed light on the enactive approach to self and intersubjectivity. According to the enactive approach, the self is a distributed and processual phenomenon.  It can be described as a self-organized autonomous system, which is constituted through interactional and relational processes. These processes show two general tendencies: towards degrees of distinction and emancipation from other agents and towards degrees of connectivity and participation with them. Our group explores the two dimensions of distinction and participation, as well as the transitions between them from a philosophical and empirical perspective


InterSelf Empirical Study



In 2018 we conducted an empirical mixed-methods study investigating the impact of embodied social interaction on the self. The first results of this study have been submitted for publication to the Scientific Reports Journal.

Stay tuned for further information and results!