Lab Members

Prof. Dr. Miriam Kyselo (Principal Investigator)

_B8A5371Miriam Kyselo holds a PhD in Cognitive Science. She has a background in philosophy of cognition, analytic philosophy, phenomenology and sociology. Miriam is interested in the new developments in the philosophy of cognitive science – the so-called 4E-approaches (embodiment, extendedness, enaction and embeddedness) and she investigates how they can help to make sense of human selfhood and social cognition. She promotes an interdisciplinary outlook on the self and thus dialogues and collaborates with the empirical sciences, specifically with psychology, robotics and neuroscience. Since March she is a visiting Professor for Philosophy of Cognition at Technical University Berlin (W2). Previously she has secured two “Marie Skłodowska Curie” post-doctoral fellowships, in TESIS, a EU funded research program that investigated human sociality and as an individual researcher and IPODI fellow of the Technical University of Berlin.

Dr. Laura Galbusera (Post-Doctoral Researcher)


Laura Galbusera has graduated in Clinical Psychology at the University of Bergamo (Italy) and she has completed her doctoral degree in Psychiatry at the University of Heidelberg (Germany) on the topic of body-oriented psychotherapy for schizophrenia. Her expertise is mainly in qualitative methodology and mixed-methods research. During her doctoral studies, she was involved in the Marie Curie INT TESIS and she has engaged in interdisciplinary research in the fields of clinical and developmental psychology, philosophy and cognitive science.  Laura’s general research interest is on the role that bodily and intersubjective processes play for the human self, which also relates to her clinical interest in self-disorders and psychotherapy.

Michael T. M. Finn (Post-Doctoral Researcher)

finn headshot.jpeg
Michael T. M. Finn is a post-doctoral researcher at the State University of New York Upstate Medical University. He is interested in phenomenological perspectives on the self and their relation to empirical and clinical psychology. Michael completed his dissertation at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville where he made the case for the study of movement dynamics as a way to explore qualities of first-personal experience and dimensions of interpersonal meaning.



Adrian Spremberg (Pre-Doctoral Researcher)

adrianphotoAdrian Spremberg is a clinical psychologist and holds a M.A. in Philosophy from Durham, UK. His main research interests lie within recent interdisciplinary discussions in Philosophy, Psychology, Psychiatry and the Cognitive Sciences. He is especially interested in severe psychopathologies (specifically psychosis/schizophrenia), disorders of the self and philosophical approaches to cognition (embodied and enacted). In his PhD, Adrian plans to critically assess phenomenological psychopathology and ‘subjective accounts’ of psychosis and schizophrenia and use the enactive approach to provide a heuristic ‘multi-level’ account of these disorders.


Jenny Oliveira Caldas (Administrative Assistance)


Jenny Oliveira is a student assistant and the administrative and organisational support of our group. She is currently completing her Bachelor Thesis in philosophy. Jenny’s main research interests are phenomenology, feminist, critical race and affect theory. She is also interested in Cognitive Science, as well ecological or cultural theory.



Michael Lourens (Master Student)


Michael Lourens is currently writing his Master thesis in philosophy on the intersubjective dimension of the predictive mind. Michael’s main research interests concern the conceptual problem of other minds and the ordinary language philosophy of Ludwig Wittgenstein, although he enjoys reading the classics such as Descartes, Kant or Hegel.





Shari Gall (Master Student)

Shari Gall

Shari Gall is currently writing her master thesis on embodiment theory and its implications for social identity. She investigates phenomenological theories about the self and their course of evolving to a form of social embodied selfhood and examines how to integrate her findings to an analysis of structural inequality such as forms of discrimination. Furthermore she assesses methods of empowering the self to give new perspectives on a rather sociological and political subject by applying a philosophical theory of social embodiment. Shari is interested in phenomenology as well as intersectionality and post-colonial-processes.


Katja Jahnke (Master Student)


Katja Jahnke has recently finished her master thesis, in which she compared different conceptions of the self in relation to deviations from normal selfhood such as schizophrenia. Her main interests are philosophy of psychiatry, philosophy of technology as well as Wittgenstein’s language philosophy. She supports the idea of an enactive understanding of the self and schizophrenia that overrides a mere phenomenological or psychiatric understanding.



Elisabeth Simon (Assistance at IZW)

Elisabeth_Simon_vertikalElisabeth Simon holds a BA in economics. She works as a language and management assistant at the Berlin Center for Knowledge Research of Technical University of Berlin. Elisabeth has been working as a professional actress and singer for many years. She is currently enrolled in a master program of “Science Marketing” at the TUBS/TU Berlin.



Collaborators & Associated Members

Wolfgang Tschacher (University Hospital Bern, psychology)

Henrik Walter (Charité, Mind and Brain School HU Berlin, psychiatry and philosophy)

Klaus Gramann (TU, Berlin, biopsychology)

Martin Heinze (Brandenburg Medical School, psychiatry)

Günter Abel (TU, Berlin, philosophy)

Michael Pauen (HU Berlin, philosophy)

Lisa Fellin (UEL, clinical psychology)

Stephanos Ioannou (neuroscience)

Athena Demertzi (neuroscience)

Verena Hafner (HU Berlin, robotics)

Oliver Brock (TU Berlin, robotics)