Multiple Dimensions of Self Workshop, 09/28, TU Berlin

”The Multiple Dimensions of Selfhood: Philosophical and Psychopathological Perspectives” Workshop

Organized by Inter-Self Lab (TU Berlin, IZW) in cooperation with DGAP (Deutsche Gesellschaft für phänomenologische Anthropologie, Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie) and Section Phenomenological Psychopathology and Psychotherapy, Clinic of General Psychiatry, Centre for Psychosocial Medicine (Heidelberg)

Date:                September, 28th, 2018

Location:         Technical University of Berlin, Germany

Organizers:    Adrian Spremberg, Philipp Schmidt, Laura Galbusera and Miriam Kyselo

This workshop addresses the multiple dimensions of selfhood and their interplay in the constitution of self: intersubjectivity, corporeality, temporality, affectivity, narrativity and normativity. The workshop brings together researchers from various disciplines, including philosophy, psychology and psychiatry to present and discuss perspectives on the multiple dimensions of selfhood. The workshop has three goals. First, one focus is to determine the role and significance of intersubjectivity for the different dimensions of selfhood and the general constitution of the self. Second, it will look at the methodological challenges arising for a multidimensional account of selfhood, and address related questions: How can we integrate insights from varying theoretical backgrounds? How can we integrate different research methods pertaining to data from the first-, second- and third-person-perspective? A third goal is to illuminate how investigations of mental disorders in psychopathology may inform our understanding of the nature of self and the interplay of the multiple dimensions that are constitutive for it.

List of speakers and titles of presentations:

Anna Bortolan (Dublin): Self-Esteem, Self-Consciousness, and Social Anxiety

Maria Chiara Bruttomesso (Verona): A non-empathic Self? Phenomenology and Antisocial Personality Disorder

Anthony Vincent Fernandez (Kent State): A Phenomenological-Dimensional Approach to Pathologies of Selfhood

Laura Galbusera (TU Berlin)  t.b.a

Lyne Ryberg Ingerslev (Wien): Self-Understanding and Weak Agency

Miriam Kyselo (TU Berlin): Enactive and Embodied Blueprints for a Self – Towards an Integrative Perspective on the Human Self

Oliver Lukitsch (Wien): Thought Insertion, Uncertainty, and the Feeling of Conscious Presence

Philipp Schmidt (Wien/Heidelberg): Borderline Personality Disorder and the Sense of Self

Adrian Spremberg (Campinas/Heidelberg): Anomalous Subjective Experiences of the Self: Perspectives of a Clinical, Enactive and Psychopathological Staging in Patients with Psychosis

Contact: Adrian Spremberg ( I Miriam Kyselo (

Registration: Participation is free but places are limited and you will need to register. To register please write to