Welcome to the pages of “Inter-Self Lab”, an interdisciplinary research project where the philosophy of self meets the science of self. Inter-self is located at the Institute of Philosophy of the Technical University of Berlin and is led by philosopher and cognitive scientist Dr. Miriam Kyselo. Our aim is to promote and develop an integrative… Read More Welcome!

Science of Intelligence (SCIoI)

Miriam Kyselo is part of SCIoI (“Science of Intelligence”), an interdisciplinary research group preparing an application for the Excellence Cluster within Germany’s Excellence Strategy Program. In the planned cluster, researchers from various disciplines, including robotics, psychology, philosophy, biology, AI and mathematics join forces to investigate one of the greatest research challenges of our time: what… Read More Science of Intelligence (SCIoI)

Workshop in Heidelberg – Bodily Explorations of the Enactive Self

NEWS: On the 4h of October Miriam Kyselo gave a workshop on “Bodily Explorations of the Enactive Self”. An practical exploration of the sense of self in embodied interactions. The workshop took place at the 19th Herbstakademie in Heidelberg, which focussed on “Embodied Aesthetics and Resonance in Perception, Expression and Therapy” this year. Click here… Read More Workshop in Heidelberg – Bodily Explorations of the Enactive Self

Workshop in Lisbon – Development of the Self

NEWS: On the 18th of September Miriam will give a talk on the enactive approach to the self at the interdisciplinary workshop “The Development of the Self” in Lisbon, Portugal. The workshop is co-organised with robotics researchers Pablo Lanillos and Lorenzo Jamone and features great speakers from the fields of developmental psychology, robotics and philosophy.… Read More Workshop in Lisbon – Development of the Self